Why Most Men Get Rejected and What To Do About It

How to be irresistible by women

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Let’s face it fellows, men hate to be rejected. In fact, the fear of rejection is more of a problem for most men than actual rejection. But, take heart because this is a universal problem that affects not only men but women, too. It has no age limits and is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we have surveyed both men and women and have come up with the top 10 reasons men get rejected by women. By following this advice, you can avoid (or at least lessen) your chances of being rejected too.

Reason 1: Being the “Nice Guy”
Women reject nice guys. This is because women are attracted to semi bad boys. There is no way around this. It sounds good when they say they want a nice guy, but in actuality they are seldom attracted to nice guys. In fact, most consider the nice guys, “just a friend.” This is because the nice guys are usually pushovers—and take it from me, pushovers are not attractive. Therefore you should always avoid being too nice if you want to avoid rejection. Be a little bad. Don’t call every time you say you will. Be a bit aloof. Be a man who can take control, who has his own opinions and who is not afraid to be who he is.Be someone that refuses to let women run over him.

Reason 2: The Car Salesman Approach
Women reject men who try too hard. Trying to convince a woman to like you never ever works and men who try reasoning with a woman in hopes that they’ll change her feelings about them, will always get rejected. If a woman doesn’t want to date you, you should not try to persuade her to like you or to give you another chance. She either feels the attraction or she doesn’t. Trying to tell her what she feels is only going to make you look like an idiot and cause you to be rejected big time. By knowing that you can’t change her feelings, you can avoid being rejected and move on.

Reason 3: Buying Her Love
Women reject men who try and buy them stuff before they have a vested interest in the relationship. Simply put, you can’t buy a woman’s affection with gifts. Okay, gifts are nice if you are already in a loving relationship but if you’re just starting out and it’s unclear about how she feels about you then don’t start buying her stuff. Sending a woman that you’re interested in three dozen roses is not going to change her feelings. Instead she will keep ignoring you and you’ll then look like a desperate idiot, be out of cash (roses are expensive) and she will reject you faster than you can say, “I’m an idiot”. By lavishing a woman with expensive gifts and money, you come across as insecure and desperate. It’s like saying, “I know you won’t like me for who I really am, so I have to give you a reason to like me.” Depending on the woman, she will either view this as a type of manipulation or as an unseen weakness for which you are trying to overcompensate or she will simply use you until she finds someone with more sense. So save those expensive gifts for a girlfriend instead of someone you like.

Reason 4: Competition
Men who compete get rejected. Competing with other guys for a woman’s affection or attention will cause you to get rejected. Not only does competition make you seem cocky or ignorant but it causes most women to see your actions as immature and inevitably turns them off. First off, if you’re confident about yourself, you should not have to try so hard to prove why you are a great catch. Instead, she will see it on her own and choose you. Secondly, when you start competing, you just might lose and who wants to lose. Instead, just be yourself and trust that she will see how great you really are.

Reason 5: Bad Flirting
Women reject men who can’t flirt. Ok, it’s true. Women rule in the flirting department, but men can flirt, too. The problem is, most men don’t know how to flirt and are often rejected because they assume good flirting is grabbing a woman’s butt or boob or a loudly whistling from across the room. This kind of flirting will get you something—rejected and a reputation as a jerk. Instead, if you really want to avoid rejection then you have to learn how to flirt like women but only better. For instance, successful flirting entails looking into a woman’s eyes, smiling a lot, and paying her a sincere compliment. These flirting techniques will work and the other ones won’t.

Reason 6: Revealing Too Much Too Soon
Women reject men who reveal too much. Remember, fellows that you shouldn’t treat a woman that you like as your therapist. Not only will this scare her off but it will get you rejected fast. So, the next time you’re tempted to start the conversation by telling her what went wrong in your last relationship and why you’re looking for someone like her, don’t. Instead, be positive and just don’t reveal too much. By leaving some mystery you up the ante and keep the attraction going.Reason 7: Being Too Desperate
Women reject desperate men. If you really like a girl and want to avoid getting rejection then don’t follow her around all night or you will come across as a stalker. Do not stare at her constantly (especially at her boobs, even if they’re bigger than Dolly Parton’s) or you will seem like a freak. Also, do not get caught asking her out after being rejected by her friend or another girl standing close by. No girl wants to think she is your second choice, or third, or fourth. That is simply not cool and will definitely lead to on the spot rejection.

Reason 8: Being Deceitful
Women reject liars. Be honest about your needs and wants up front. If you are seeking a one-night stand or a fling, be honest about that when you are meeting women. If you are looking for a “fun friend” to hang out with and date but not get serious with, then let that be known in the beginning. The same thing goes if you are seeking a serious relationship or a wife. Men often get rejected because they either approach the wrong women or aren’t honest with the women they’re with. By letting a woman know upfront what you are looking for in a relationship, you’ll make sure that neither of you wastes precious time in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere nor you’ll avoid rejection and hurt feelings.

Reason 9: Not Knowing When to Stop
Women reject men who can’t take a hint. Upon your first attempt to talk to a woman, you can tell whether or not she is interested. If she ignores you or walks away as you are talking, this may be her polite (or not-so-polite) way of telling you she’s not interested. To avoid rejection, do not follow or yell after her or continue to annoy or harass her. Doing this is just asking for public rejection and humiliation and this is definitely something that you want to avoid.

Reason 10: Fear of Rejection
Women reject men who are afraid of trying. As I mentioned before, fear of rejection is more of a problem for men than rejection itself. But sometimes this fear can be so strong that it leads to the rejection. When you are in a negative state of mind and you approach a woman expecting to get rejected, she picks up on your body language, notices your lack of confidence and senses your negative thoughts. She feels all of this and does not want to be around you. So leave the negative thoughts behind and when you start worrying about being rejected, ask yourself what is the absolute worst thing that can happen? So what if she ignore you or gives you some excuse like, “I have a boyfriend.” So what’s the harm? Just shrug it off and move on.

By following the advice in this article, you can avoid (or at least reduce) rejection and get one step closer to finding and attracting your dream gal.

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