How to Know if She is Interested in You

How to Know A Woman Likes You

Author: Chaterine Olsen

So you’re wondering: “Is she interested?” Imagine this. You see an attractive woman while you’re guzzling beers at the local pub with your buddies. You lock eyes for a moment, and she flips her hair, bats her eyelashes, licks her lips, smiles, and then turns away. You then glance over your shoulder to see if she is still looking at you. You stare into space wondering – is she interested? When you finally realize that she may have been interested, you look around and see that she has left. Sound familiar?

Many men just like you experience similar situations and are left with this question—“Is she interested?”—every single day, and probably right this very minute. In fact, if you hang out and listen to a group of men chatting, you’ll find many of them wondering if there are some surefire ways to tell if a woman is genuinely interested or simply teasing. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how you really know if she is interested or just passing the time.

Fortunately for you fellows, there are many cues and hints that women give to let you know they are interested. Your job is to start identifying those cues and acting on them. Sound hard? In essence, it is really quite easy if you follow these guidelines;

First and foremost, if a woman doesn’t roll her eyes and turn away when you say, “Hi! My name is Joe!,” you are probably okay to proceed. She is at least a little interested—or at least not put off. If she shows interest then speak up. Most men make the mistake of introducing themselves and then falling silent. This is a big no-no! Instead, if she shows some interest, then you should work to keep the conversation going. In addition, if she is responding to you, or—even better—if she’s talking, then chances are very good that she is interested in getting to know you better.

In addition, there are several visual and physical signals a woman gives off that send the message she is interested in a man. These are sometimes very subtle, but not so subtle you could mistake them for something else. For instance, a smile is a very good indication that she is interested. Other signs include hair-flipping, titling of the head, laughter and strong eye contact. If a woman is holding on to your every word for dear life, chances are you are in the clear. She is definitely interested. In addition, if she tries to engage you in conversations, asks you questions, teases, laughs, and smiles right back at you, then you’re likely in the clear because these are usually very good signs that she is interested.

The key to evaluating her action is to be cool when you’re looking for visual symptoms. Check her out but don’t stare too hard. You want her to be interested in you, not to think that you’re a weirdo.

Another clue that typically indicates if she is interested, is if she touches you. Women are typically touchy-feely, so chances are, if she touches you, whether by patting your hand or shoulder or nudging your side, she’s totally and completely interested. If, however, she throws a drink in your face or pushes you, then that’s a good sign that she is not interested at all.

But these are all just introductory signs and they don’t necessarily mean that a woman is ready to jump into bed with you or accept a marriage proposal. Instead they are merely signs that she has not rejected you and is perhaps willing to have a drink or enjoy a reasonable conversation, and for this you should be encouraged, not discouraged.

Again, you have to be extremely careful not to push too hard. You should pay attention to her to make sure that she is interested, but don’t annoy her. You must find a happy medium. You also should be very aware of any signs indicating that she is not interested in you. These include: eye rolling, lack of conversation, consistent glances at her watch, or engaging other men or her friends in conversation. If she avoids eye contact or seems somewhat annoyed by your presence, then it is definitely time to move on. If, however, she just can’t seem to open up, then she may just be shy.

If you find that you can’t quite read her actions, then ask her if you can buy her a drink or a cup of coffee. Ask for a phone number. If you get a positive, then she is interested, and if she blows you off, keep stepping.

The good thing, fellows, is that most women are pretty open and obvious when it comes to sending signals that they’re interested in you. It isn’t really hard to tell if she wants to know you better. By paying attention to her signs, you’ll be able to tell if she wants to get to know you better. So the next time you’re hanging out at a bar and see a pretty woman, if you lock eyes, she tosses her hair and smiles, you don’t have to wonder whether she likes you or not. By being tuned into visual cues, you can get up and make you move and watch the magic happen!

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